TayDay Hope Foundation

I found a penny today just laying on the ground, but its not just a penny this little coin 
I've found.

That's  what my grandma told me, she said angels toss them down  sometimes just to cheer you up. To make a smile out of your frown.

So don't pass by that penny when you are feeling blue, it may be a penny from heaven that your guardian angel tossed to you!


The Penny Angel was made as a symbol of a loved one that has passed away, your guardian angel. As you miss them they drop a penny down to show you they are with you. A pendant you can wear as a symbol of hope, love & 
strength, until we meet  again. 

TayDay Hope Foundation
ToDay is a new day to Believe, Acknowledge and Empower to STOP child sexual abuse.
 The Angel and the Penny
The TayDay Hope Foundation was Founded on September 28,2012 in memory of Taycia Marie Bertoch to help children receive counseling they need to repair and rebuild from the impact of csa.

 The grief you go through when loosing a loved one especially your child. You look to something for strength, comfort, hope and courage. One of my favorite poem's is "The Angel and the Penny." the poem inspired me to make the penny angel pendant.

The design of the penny angel is meant to be uplifting and hopeful a symbol of your loved one and how you remember them.

The pennies that are placed in the angel pendents are ones my family has found since Taycia passed away one year ago.  If you have a penny that your guardian angel left for you, send it to us and we will place your penny into a special one of a kind penny angel pendant.

                         Visit the donate page for more information.

                        Monetary donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

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